March 22, 2022

Wahi Hawaii offers reusable, sustainable products as ocean friendly alternatives

When it comes to saving our planet, it’s everyone’s kuleana. Just ask Wahi Hawaii who are not only passionate about raising awareness of the devastating impact of plastic pollution, they’re committed to doing something about it. Enter their "ocean friendly" alternative products that are creating a wave of enthusiasm amongst eco-conscious customers. Currently, this Maui-based business offers reusable and take-out products such as cutlery, drinking straws and toothbrushes made from naturally sustainable and naturally biodegradable bamboo.

Jason and Miyu Kashtan of Wahi Hawaii believe that we share this island and this planet. Therefore, we have a shared responsibility as stewards to protect and care for the ocean, our greatest resource. If we work together to limit our use of harmful plastics which end up in our oceans, on the beaches and in the bellies of our marine life, we can create a happier, healthier ecosystem. A more proactive mindset can start at home with a few simple swaps, changes in habit. Incorporating reusable or biodegradable cutlery, drinking straws and toothbrushes just to name a few are a great start to reducing your plastic footprint. Wahi Hawaii is proud to provide these types of alternative products.

“Maui is truly a special place and we feel so blessed to be able to call Maui home,” said the Kashtans. “It is much more than a beautiful piece of land. Maui is a living and breathing force that has nurtured our family and provided what we consider to be our ‘best life.’ It's only natural to want to give back to this Island. To quote the great oceanographer Jacques Cousteau ‘people protect what they love.’ And, we certainly love Maui!”

Wahi Hawaii’s products can be found at various gift shops, coffee shops and food trucks across the island. You can also purchase their products online at Businesses interested in their bamboo take-out cutlery can contact them via their website or email

Wahi Hawaii
Phone: 808-283-8644