September 30, 2022

Triple L Ranch Horseback announces Healing Hearts Equine-Assisted Learning Program

Starting November, Triple L Ranch private custom horseback tours will be offering an Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) trauma-informed care program called “Healing Hearts” – an experiential learning program that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal growth through equine-assisted activities.

With a focus on individuals managing trauma, dealing with mental health challenges, or navigating significant life changes, EAL creates an environment for creating new tool sets for individuals to overcome challenges in the day-to-day. Appointments will be taken beginning November 2022.

Triple L Ranch is a woman, ‘ohana-owned and operated local company. According to owner, Paige Deponte, “We keep community at the source of our focus, we strive to protect the legacy of agriculture in the area while protecting the cultural assets. We teach riders about the history and importance of keeping Maui's treasures protected by creating a safe and beautiful place to ride. And, with our newest EAL program, the opportunity to heal and thrive.”

“Maui is our home. We all grew up here and our families are growing up here. Maui has a unique opportunity to help each other to be a whole community, being a small knit island that has aloha at their hearts. The more we teach the value of this beautiful place, the more we protect its future. The more we heal our children and adults, the better they can thrive and help build up and preserve Maui’s future.”

Triple L Ranch offers a 20% discount for all kama‘aina. Healing Hearts clients may also receive a 50% introductory offer for appointments scheduled November 1-15, 2022.

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Triple L Ranch Healing Hearts EAL Program
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