August 12, 2022

Sugarcane Dane, mix something Maui

How sweet it is! Sugarcane Dane sustainably farms sugarcane in Waikapu and sources other ingredients from farms across the state to make high-quality craft cocktail products.

According to Sugarcane Dane founder Dane Dostert, “Our business is a labor of love. Over the years in Hawaii we have found that many bars in the state want to showcase local ingredients, but often don't have the ability to do it consistently at high-volume. We help Hawaii bars support local farms easily! This extends to the hobbyist home beverage maker as well. While our Macadamia Nut Orgeat is our most popular by far, our cane syrup is our most unique product, and offers familiar flavors of molasses and fresh sugar cane. For our cane syrup, we grow and source Hawaiian heirloom sugarcane varieties that are farmed using regenerative practices. The cane is then hand-harvested, chopped, and juiced. The high-nutrient juice is reduced to desired sugar level, clarified, and bottled. Our flavorful syrups are crafted with bartenders, baristas, and bakers in mind. The tropical mixes help anyone 'Mix Something Maui' with ease.”

Sugarcane Dane’s creative products include Maui Cane Syrup (sweet component for cocktails), Macadamia Nut Orgeat (creamy, dreamy with a pinch of salt), Maui Falernum (spiced ginger and lime) and Tropical Gomme Syrup (tangy lilikoi, juicy pineapple, silky smooth). And, their online store is coming soon!

You can purchase their quality products at bars and restaurants on Maui. Their online store is also coming soon! Also watch for certain products only available in Hawai‘i.

Sugarcane Dane
Phone: 808-463-4136