January 4, 2023

Medicare Supplement Specialist helps seniors choose the right Medicare plans to fit their needs

How well is your family protected? Just ask Medicare Supplement Specialist Sally Iwamoto who is helping seniors understand their options when it comes to Medicare plans.

Sally can help explain what original Medicare (Parts A & B) covers and doesn't cover. Then, share the many Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans that are available to you. Finding the right fit is a joint effort.

According to Sally, “Helping people is my passion! Most people I talk to are confused about the many different parts of Medicare and how to enroll. As a free service I help direct seniors on how to enroll in Medicare. Sometimes it’s online but sometimes they will need forms. I also fax the forms for them for a speedy turnaround time. Once they are enrolled in Medicare we find them the best Supplement or Advantage Plan based on their unique needs. Follow up is key and I am always available to help them as they get used to their new Medicare health plan!”

“Maui is a small community where everyone knows everyone. Word of mouth is the best referral for any business and when you've truly helped someone they will tell all their friends about you! Maui no ka oi!”

Sally offers an initial free consultation usually in person. When ready to enroll in a plan she can do this in person or virtually. She’s also able to send a personal URL that you can enroll yourself.  Although most people like the personal touch.

Medicare Supplement Specialist – Sally Iwamoto
Ph: 808-757-7745
Email: sally@isofhi.com
Website: https://www.isofhi.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sallyIwamotoMaui808