February 10, 2022

Maui Potato Chip Company’s local brand, a family affair

After 65 years of serving up its local version of crispy goodies, Maui Potato Chip Factory thrives because residents and visitors cherish kama‘aina and buy local.

Owner and operator Mark Kobayashi traces the origins of the family-owned Kahului potato chip company to 1956 when his late grandfather, Yoshio, purchased the business. Kobayashi’s father, Dewey, Dewey’s brother, Joe; and Mark’s only brother, Edwin, all worked for the business. Truly a family business.

Today, Mark Kobayashi is the sole potato chip maker. His wife, Diane, serves as the company accountant. “We haven’t changed the brand. We haven’t changed the name,” Kobayashi said. State and federal regulations, according to Kobayashi, have resulted in their original Maui potato chip using more refined oil and salt in its potato chips. However, using their beloved family recipe continues till today.

The company is well-known for their “Kitch’n Cook’d” chips in signature see-through bags with red-and-yellow labels. These limited production potato chips are hand made on Maui using old fashioned methods with no preservatives. They are a favorite of locals and taste somewhat different than the regular potato chips. All we know is … you can’t eat just one.


Maui Potato Chip Factory
295 Lalo Street, Kahului