September 23, 2022

Cody Roberts Fine Art captures extraordinary images of Hawai‘i

Cody Roberts is an award-winning fine art photographer who creates extraordinary images of the Hawaiian wilderness. His museum quality prints breathe life into many interior spaces around the world with the visual therapy of nature and amazing landscapes. Whether you’re a fine art collector, interior design professional, or hospitality designer; Cody would love to help share the Earth’s beauty with you.

From mountain tops to oceans, Cody’s photography is known to convey the power and wonderment of wild landscapes. Through aerial, adventure, and outdoor images, his work has been awarded, published, exhibited, and collected as fine art prints worldwide. For over a decade Cody has traversed across the islands of Hawai‘i – the most isolated archipelago on Earth. The raw, natural beauty of this land along with the vibrant cultures and lifestyles here have provided him with an incredible surrounding environment where he’s developed an international award-winning body of work.

For every piece of art you purchase from Cody Roberts, a native Hawaiian tree will be planted to help preserve and perpetuate the culture, land and ecological resources that sustain us here in the islands. Your support also contributes to essential conservation work through numerous local environmental organizations. It’s our way of giving back to help malama (take care) and restore balance to this incredible land that gives us so much.

“I discover my inspiration from a passionate quest to understand our human connection with mother nature. My reverence for creative expression and wilderness preservation has led me to spectacular locations across Hawai‘i through continued work and support with numerous environmental organizations. I believe nature is intrinsic to our well-being. I want my artwork to transport people to these wild places, offering them meditative escapes of visual therapy so that my photographs inspire feelings of peace, joy, and wonder as long as my art lives on their walls. I hope that my work allows people to consider their own relationship with nature, and why it’s imperative to preserve these special places.”

Cody’s artwork is currently exhibited every Saturday at the Artists’ Showcase inside the Four Seasons Resort Wailea. You may also find his work at the Hana Coast Gallery in Hana, open every day from 9am to 5pm. To browse and shop all of Cody’s fine art photography collections, please visit

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Cody Roberts Fine Art
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