50% off More Watertime Maui

More Watertime Maui
June 30, 2021

50% OFF SERVICES FOR KAMA'AINA! More Watertime Maui brings full service to stand up paddle boarding on Maui. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced SUP and SUP DOWNWIND instruction and coaching. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn proper technique, ready to catch your first wave, looking to advance your skills or ready to try offshore downwinding on the famous Maliko run, we have a program for you. All sessions are personalized to your personal fitness, skill level and desired outcome. The focus of our friendly, professional instructors is to help create a community of safety-conscious and stoke-filled paddlers!

All Lessons Include:

Flexible scheduling
A knowledgeable and aloha filled instructor leading the way
Complementary photos and video
Personalized support and post session review via email


SUP 101/ SUP SURF (no experience required):

With each session we guarantee you'll see an improvement and expansion of your skills and confidence. In addition to teaching skills and technique, as stewards of the sport, we educate our clients on all aspects of ocean safety, self and reciprocal rescue, local etiquette, forecasting resources and condition assessment and forecasting. We have diligently formulated methodologies and progressions to compliment all individual abilities and learning styles.


The North Shore of Maui is home to the most famous and thrilling downwind surfing run in the world. The almost 10 mile stretch of coast from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor provides the perfect mix of wind and waves that makes for a very challenging but gratifying downwind paddle experience.

The conditions unique to this course require not only a high level of ability and fitness, but a practical knowledge of techniques and protocol specific to downwind SUP surfing. For this reason a majority of our clients choose to do a multi-day course to prepare for their Maliko downwinder.

We offer 2-10 day courses that combine off course sessions and Maliko runs. All of these programs are catered to the client's specific needs and goals for their personal outcome.


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