Private coaching by Creative Marketing with L.A.

Creative Marketing with L.A.
December 31, 2020

I promote small businesses on Facebook. I am offering a Kama'aina special of $7 a month to join our Private Coaching Community. Our Kama'aina Special includes: A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TO OUR FACEBOOK MARKETING GROUP FOR $7 a month. Regular price is $27 a month. In this group you get access to: �ۢ Daily Tips �ۢ Weekly Trainings �ۢ Monthly Strategies �ۢ 1:1 Consultations We will focus on the Mindest of how to: �ۢ Set up a Facebook Profile �ۢ Set up a Facebook Business Page �ۢ Set up a Facebook Group �ۢ Set up a Facebook Event We will discuss ways to: �ۢ Create Engaging Posts �ۢ Create Pre recorded Videos �ۢ Create Live Videos �ۢ Create Polls And we will: �ۢ Create Marketing Strategies �ۢ Implement ways to gain Followers �ۢ Learn to Provide Valuable Content �ۢ Learn ways to attract new Customrs �ۢ Learn to obtain and maintain Lifelong Clients Description of Group constantly evolves with updates due to keep current with Facebook practices.