20% off Vintage European Posters

Vintage European Posters
December 31, 2020

Vintage European Posters in Lahaina is a unique gallery that specializes in original antique posters, many over a hundred years old.  

Posters originated in the late 19th century in Paris as an eye-catching way to advertise a product, show, or a vacation spot. These lithographs showed striking, humorous, or simply beautiful images intended to attract the public's attention long enough to convey the advertiser's message.  

We DO NOT sell reproductions. Almost all of our posters are lithographs; many of them stone lithographs. Stone lithographs were made by the artist creating a new image on slabs of limestone and then etching the stones. Each color was etched into a separate stone, and the paper was pulled through each stone, one by one, to create each poster. We absolutely guarantee that all our posters are original. We spend a considerable amount of time finding posters throughout the world.

Our philosophy is to find beautiful images in good condition that we can sell at very reasonable prices. We want to offer our island friends and families the chance and experience of finding something truly unique that you will love for years.

ALL of our collection is now available at 20% off!    

We are available by appointment for a private experience at your preference and open for walk-ins on Wednesday through Fridays from 11am to 4pm.    

To make an appointment call our gallery at 808-662-8688 or email us at and leave your name and time you would like to come to the gallery. We will confirm the appointment with you and joyfully give you a wonderful and educational experience with our collection.    

We do not currently have a website but are happy to send information about the collection via email. We look forward to working with you!

744 Front Street


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