Maui Photography by Douglas Hoffman

Maui Photography by Douglas Hoffman

Today's digital cameras make it easier than ever to take pictures, but there is a big difference between taking a picture and creating a portrait that evokes emotion and tells a story. If you want to learn what the different camera modes do and when it's best to use them, how to meter light, why neutral density filters make a huge difference and also for creativity and expression, and how composition is the key to telling a story, then these workshops are for you.

I have created two workshops for Kama'aiana which are billed at special fees. Workshops usually are billed at $190/per hour, but for a limited time Kama'aiana will receive 40% off. The adjusted rate is $115/hour.

3 hour Sunrise Workshop. This activity most often takes place on the north shore and sometimes Makena. The exact location will be determined when you make the reservation. We will meet at the designated beach about 30 minutes before dawn. This way we can talk, set up, and take advantage of the early light. Fee is $345

2 hour Sunset Workshop. This activity most often takes place on the south shore in Kihei, Wailea, or Makena. We will talk about which beach to meet at when making the booking. The start time will be 1.5 hours before sunset. Many times about 15-20 minutes after the sun sets the horizon and sky come ablaze with color. Fee is $230.

Once on location we will look around and talk about what we see then select a location and set up. I will be there to help as much as needed, and as appropriate will give clients time to get into the zone rather than hover. Every few minutes I will review image and provide suggestions. We will work a location as long as needed, then move to another spot and repeat until the time runs out. I will provide a tripod for clients that may not have one, or that want to try new gear. I will also have a collection of neutral and graduation neutral density filters and adapters. Please note, I do not have every size filter holder as there are so many brands with different diameter lenses.

We will work on sand and uneven ground so proper footwear is suggested. No slippers. To keep everyone safe I will not be providing snacks, or beverages during the experience. I will have a cooler in the vehicle so feel free to bring what you need. Please bring your own mask and hand sanitizer as they are items not alway in stock at stores. All equipment and the vehicle are sanitized before and after each workshop.

Call (808) 870-3686 for more information or to make a reservation. Offer is subject to change.