Maui Marketing aims to boost your business

Maui Marketing

Our focus is helping Maui get back on its feet again, even without tourism, we need to band together and support each other. We run our own local businesses (agencies & tour companies) so we understand the challenges ahead. We are pivoting to provide more services to our local client companies including restaurants, retail, healthcare, education, construction, and other services with a variety of marketing & sales solutions that are effective and have great value.  

Since 1997 we have been selling and marketing online. We know how it works and we love doing it. We know how to guide companies to success. Let us help.  

1. We are offering a free consultation and marketing analysis for your business. We will create a basic plan that you can execute on your own.  

2. We are offering steeply discounted services to local companies to get them started online. Building websites, managing ad campaigns, developing content, or creating social posting and so much more.  

3. The barter system is alive and well. We are here on-island, our staff, our family, and friends may need the services you provide. We will trade for it, including food, gardening supplies, mechanic, lessons, art, business services, clothes, healthcare, or whatever else your business provides. This allows cash-strapped businesses to get started without adding even more stress.  

Contact us and we can work with you to get Maui going again safely, efficiently, sustainably and with lots of Aloha.