Save $20 on Angel Readings

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Save $20 on Angel Readings! (15 min - 2 hour)  SCHEDULE your Reading Today: Use COUPON CODE "Kamaaina" to save $20.  

Do you have a question or need guidance in your life right now?
Are you experiencing challenges with family or romantic relationships?
Are your finances impacted by COVID-19?
Are you unhappy with your career or considering a career change?
Do you need advice on how to shift your business?  

Angel card readings are one of the most accurate ways for you to receive answers to your life questions and guidance about your future. The angels want very much to help you, yet they can only do so if you ask.   Angel readings give you peace of mind, comfort and insight in challenging times as well as joyful times.  

Kim uses a number of different Angel Card decks to receive information and answers from your angels and guides. These decks contain only positive, life-affirming and gentle guidance and Kim is able to clearly relay their messages to you in a loving way.  

"Kim is the real deal! She is generous and kind and her intuitive abilities are right on! She has a strong sense of what is helpful to share. Her powerful insights truly changed my life!"  

Receive answers to your life questions and guidance about your future + a powerful energy clearing.   Readings are conducted over the phone & recorded! Plus you receive pictures of the main cards and my Archangel Insight Guide which provides guidance.

Typical reading topics include:  

Business direction
Yes/No Questions  
Connecting with loved ones who have transitioned