Private coaching by Creative Marketing with L.A.

Creative Marketing with L.A.

I promote small businesses on Facebook. I am offering a Kama'aina special of $7 a month to join our Private Coaching Community.  Our Kama'aina Special includes: A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TO OUR FACEBOOK MARKETING GROUP FOR $7 a month. Regular price is $27 a month.  In this group you get access to:

Daily Tips
Weekly Trainings
Monthly Strategies
1:1 Consultations  

We will focus on the Mindest of how to:

Set up a Facebook Profile �
Set up a Facebook Business Page  
Set up a Facebook Group
Set up a Facebook Event  

We will discuss ways to:

Create Engaging Posts
Create Pre recorded Videos
Create Live Videos
Create Polls  

And we will:
Create Marketing Strategies  
Implement ways to gain Followers  
Learn to Provide Valuable Content  
Learn ways to attract new Customers  
Learn to obtain and maintain Lifelong Clients  

Description of Group constantly evolves with updates due to keep current with Facebook practices.