50% off Aloha Business Bitz services

Aloha Business Bitz Inc

50% off of Business Health Assessment Review
50% off of Business Coaching and Training
50% off Workshops At Cost DISC Assessments  
Virtual and In-Person meetings are available.  

Business Health Assessment Review involves reviewing the Business's and Business Owner۪'s Goals/Targets with current results and making recommendations on potential improvements.  

Business Coaching involves assisting business owners in moving to the next level. Levels can range from starting with idea or concept to ready to start/launch to fully operating. Coaching usually involves uncovering business issues or blockages and identifying and addressing what may be causing the business to not be as successful as projected.  

Workshops and Training are focused on Team Building and Performance Improvements  

DISC assessments are valuable to understanding one's self and one's own communication style. Also discussed in the assessment debriefing are other communication styles and how best to communicate with those styles. The DISC is a great starting point in improving office/business communications and team building.  

Meeting times can be before or after work hours or weekends.

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